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Grain for Groceries

We have thousands of hungry mouths right here in Sedgwick County. Especially in winter months, these children and adults are thankful for the many good people of Kansas that donate their time and treasure to help keep their stomachs full! You can help out the hungry in Sedgwick County in a very special way! Donate tax-free to the Kansas Food Bank through your Sedgwick County Farm Bureau Agricultural Association’s very own Grain for Groceries program. After donating, the value of your gift will be doubled by Monsanto through the Invest an Acre program! Now is an amazing opportunity to donate while Monsanto will double your gift! Anyone who files a schedule F with their tax return may be eligible for tax-free donations of grain. If you do not file a schedule F, you certainly can still donate, and may be able to itemize this charitable gift. 
Your gift will go only to the hungry in Sedgwick County that need it most; and, yes, the value of the grain will be doubled after donation! Sedgwick County Farm Bureau Agricultural Association only facilitates the program and has no gain from any donations. 200% of the value of grain donated goes directly to the Kansas Food Bank for the hungry specifically in Sedgwick County.
Simply request that a number of bushels be transferred to the Grain for Groceries account at your local elevator. If you want to confirm your gift was received by the Kansas Food Bank, please email or mail the requested information on the form found here or at your local elevator. Confirmation is not necessary to make a donation. Thank You!
Always consult your professional tax or legal advisors to determine tax implications prior to making a gift of grain.
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